if you quit, i'll still take you more seriously

just a quick response to the 37signals post, where i feel they're unfairly discrediting people who decide to take the plunge into a start up full time. that's a huge step to take.  i tend to agree with aaron patzer's stance:

"I was trying to work on this other start up and Mint, and it was too much. I was working essentially two jobs. and I realized one day if I gave it 100% and failed, I could live with that. If i didn't, and it didn't work out, I just couldn't live with myself. [Mint] was an idea I had to try.

So rule number three is quit your job. On March 1st, 2006, I quit my job and I lived off my savings for the next seven months. I worked alone in a room for 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, and I didn't have air conditioning either. During this period, I had a lot of self doubt. I was 25, taking on Microsoft with Microsoft Money and Intuit with Quicken. Every day, I thought this was the greatest idea ever... the next day, I thought 'who am I to do this? I don't have any background in finance... didn't work for Quicken or Microsoft Money.' I think that's probably an advantage, because you'll get to rethink the entire field."

i still don't think rejecting a steady paycheck is an easy thing to do. but it's a commitment to focusing on something, and i wouldn't give that up in a start up.

dailybooth: more addictive than crack

initially, i didn't use dailybooth because i couldn't seem to get my macbook pro to work with the application.  as it turns out, the founder told me there's a hack if you're on a mac:

1) click allow when the flash permission screen comes up

2) right click -> click settings

3) click the "webcam" tab icon (should be the last one at the bottom)

4) under the drop down menu, select "USB Video Class Video"

that should fix it.  there are lots of cool people on the service, like catrific, ijustine, kassemg, and phillyd. check it out, it's more addicting than facebook and twitter!

show me your gangster face.

fixed hndir.com registration

i was getting a few e-mails from people about not being able to register on hndir.com.  as it turns out, google for some reason shut down the e-mail that was being used to send the registration confirmations.  there's probably some expiration rule in effect with this.

anyway, i registered a different account to send the e-mails.  everything should be back to normal.

rounded corners

if you check out jtame.com, you can see really nice rounded corners for some of the links.  i also noticed this effect used similarly on mugasha.com (a new electronic music discovery site i recently found).  this is very easy to pull off with css by using -moz-border-radius.  here is an example of a link with the class set to "round":


a.round {


-webkit-border-radius: 5px;






a.round:hover {




i've found that only using -moz-border-radius will look fine in firefox, but not in safari because safari uses webkit for its rendering.  including the -webkit-border-radius will fix this.  non-supported browsers will simply display boxes, which doesn't look bad either (ie onellama.com makes heavy use of this design style).

jtame.com - at some point, the hacker's profile

i'm a bit tied up with my graffitigeo.com work, but i will eventually be interested in giving hackers a profile as an extension of hndir.com that looks attractive and is simple enough to point people to when they want to know "what it is you do."

i spent a few hours tonight playing with the concept and came up with this.  want to experiment with this?  shoot me an e-mail and i'll give you a copy of the code (just remember to link back to me).  you can actually steal the code right now, but i would appreciate some credit if you use it.

more music for hackers

i'm a huge techno/electro fan. i find it to be most helpful when i need to be creative. a few places to go if you're a music junky like i am, which I highly recommend:

grooveshark - go here if you have some mainstream music you want to listen to (my music collection here)

thesixtyone - go here to discover newer, underground, independent music (my music collection here)

still need a way to share some of my itunes collection, which also has some killer playlists.