Bandwidth Caps Are (Still) Easy to Bypass

I still don't get it. I've been going to a research-intensive school, and there are ridiculous bandwidth restrictions for students. I'm even in an apartment, and not a dorm, and I have worse bandwidth restrictions than the undergrads here. Basically, most students get 2GB a day, while I get 1GB. Most students have the luxury of being throttled down to lower speeds when they hit their limit. My connection is atomic, it just shuts off once you hit that 1GB daily limit. WTF?!?! 1 GB A DAY. That's 30 GB a month. Nothing compared to the limit that Comcast recently annoucned with 250 GB a month. So as a guy who doesn't download much porn, or really anything from bit torrent--1 GB doesn't last very long. I'm still surprised how easy it is to reset your own bandwidth, though. I didn't even think of it, some nerdy looking guy I didn't know sat down and started eating breakfast with me last year when I was in the dorms. I told him I was really angry that morning because I had been throttled to a lower internet speed. In high school and middle school, I had my own ways of disabling the filters (cgi proxies). But now I've got new problems on my hands. This guy just told me to look up macshift and that would fix all my problems (and it did). Surprisingly, changing your mac address isn't hard, and it probably works in more cases than not. Here's what you do (and this is for educational purposes only, I don't encourage you to violate your own ISP's terms of course): 1) Download macshift. It will let you change your MAC address, which makes it look like a new computer is connecting to the network. 2) Open command prompt in windows. I put macshift.exe in C:/, so I go to C:/ and type: macshift.exe -r -i "Local Area Connection 3" Note: you need to figure out which connection is being used by your LAN cable. Just go to my computer, network places, and look at the names of the network connections. Usually it's just "Local Area Connection", possibly with a number after it. Use that. 3) Wait a few seconds for the MAC address to change, then wait about 15-20 seconds for your internet to reeconnect. 4) All done. Granted, this won't work in all cases, but it's a start.