hacker news directory: meet people from other companies who read hacker news

for hacker news directory, we thought it would be useful for students who go off to do summer internships at companies like google and facebook to be able to find others who also are interested in startups and read hacker news.  jon speiser has added support for companies, similar to how we currently support students from different schools.  you can also look at is as a way to potentially find cofounders from either the company you work at, or someone from another company.

you can login, see a list of companies, the employees that work there, along with programming languages they know, startups they've worked at, their hacker news id, what they majored in at school, and so on.

tell us if you'd like your company e-mail address added, and who knows, maybe you'll find someone else who works there and is interested in startups.

at some point, we want to open it up to allow students at schools to communicate with employees at companies (would this be useful?).  for now, the two groups are separate and cannot see each other.  if you join, you can see employees from other companies, but you can't see any students (and students cannot see you).

if you're a student and already have an hndir.com account, just create a new one using your company e-mail.  we currently don't link the two accounts, but might in the future.

let us know what you think.  current list of companies in there: facebook, twitter, google, apple, mozilla, microsoft, ycombinator, and loopt.  we hope this grows.

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