hacker news directory: search + projects

two new features were added to hacker news directory today, which has close to 700 undergraduate hackers from colleges in the united states.  jonathan speiser (@jspeis), an undergrad studying computer science at the university of maryland, gets the credit for these.

i added jonathan to the git account and i've been impressed by how quickly he has contributed code to the project.  he had no prior understanding of php before getting involved, and i explained the entire code base within an hour over the phone.  he added both the search and projects features below in 2 days.  we hope these are useful, particularly if you are an undergrad and seeking a cofounder.


you can now search the entire directory for hackers with particular tags in their profiles. a few sample searches:

  • there are 21 hackers who know "ruby"
  • there are 47 hackers who know "python"
  • there are 32 hackers who know "php"
  • there is 1 hacker who knows "vb" (private sub form_load!)


projects are a way to get feedback on what you're building and may encourage people to work on projects together (it's important that you do this stuff while you're in school so that establish trust with friends and are able to do startups successfully in the future).


you'll now receive an e-mail whenever a student joins your network (your school).