on the new thesixtyone

so far people seem to either hate or love the new thesixtyone.com.  i was lucky to see the new site being built, and i was more amazed at the design than anything else.  some aspects of the usability felt a little different and i didn't intuitively know how to do everything, but i wanted to give it a chance.

this design actually makes more sense in my mind. i used the old site mostly to replay my favorites until i got tired of them. i think thesixtyone wants you to take that behavior off the site and onto your mobile devices or to itunes (so download or buy the song if you prefer to listen to them on autoplay). i think the new site pushes you fully in the direction of new music discovery, and i welcome that change.  i've discovered much more music since the site changed, my habits are completely different now.

so instead of thinking of thesixtyone as just another streaming music site, think of it entirely as a music discovery site.  you're not there to re-stream the same music over and over, you're on the site to experience something new that you didn't know existed before.