startups open sourced is out, go grab it! (and how to deal with traffic)

forgot i haven't written anything on my personal blog about the book i announced last week, and the follow up that i just wrote today.

this tweet summarizes how today has gone for me. what a ride. i learned a few things from all of this.

quick recap on what i did to deal with the traffic:

  1. first thing i foolishly tried to reboot the linode. all this does is delay the next reboot, i don't know why i did this. guess i was in panick mode.
  2. i decided to resize my linode box from 512MB to 4GB. except the first time i tried, i just assumed it worked, then i waited another 10 minutes while the server was still frozen. linode UI failed me, it said "shut off your machine first, THEN do the resize." so i shut it off, did the resize, and booted it back up.
  3. i waited, minutes went by and nothing. i got a blank page. what in the world is going on? i'm a top story on hacker news, and my site isn't even working after i resized it. i open up apache's config file, based on a tip in the comments from the follow up, and change 'Keep Alive' to OFF. i restarted the apache process.
  4. i did another reboot on linode. now it works.
  5. i try editing my post, except it just hangs when i hit 'update' from wordpress. what, i can't even edit my own post now? i look at apache logs, i try another reboot (people hate me at this point, only 50% have actually seen the page load by now). i see nothing but SIGTERM messages, okay that's normal i've shut this thing down about 5 times so far.
  6. i try to install w3 total cache so that the pages are static and served from memory. that's what was killing me in the first place. i get permission problems, even though i ran chmod 777 on wp-content and wp-content/uploads. i e-mailed someone for help, and they made some suggestions that i couldn't really make use of.
  7. out of pure curiosity, i go to login via phpmyadmin. i see a familiar error message: "session_write_close() write failed: No space left on device (28)" okay, i've seen this before, this probably means mysql logs have eaten up all the space i've allocated to my disk image. this is easy to fix, just resize the disk image. i go into linode, do the resize. another UI fail: i miss that i need to shut down the box first, then resize the image, and then boot it again. okay, so the resize is done.
  8. voila. everything works perfectly. permission problems from w3 cache are gone, i can finally update my own post, the server is blazing fast serving up pages in mere milliseconds. i got billed $150 for the resize, but i was reassured from a hacker news reader that this gets pro-rated by linode.

life is good when stuff just works.