Wow! Google Chrome is FAST

I'm writing my first blog from Google Chrome, and it's fast!

My first impression when I read about Chrome was skeptic.  I didn't really understand what Google's motivation was for this, and I didn't really want to read the 200 page comic book on it either.  If you have to use a comic book to explain a product, I'm not interested.  I'd rather just read a dead-simple two or three sentence overview and get the idea.

It's still hard to understand why Chrome is cool over, say, Firefox.  But the speed is definitely one thing.  Having multi-process support for tabs is also a great idea.  I definitely see Google pushing the web browser to behave more and more like the desktop.  It starts to feel like a desktop application, and remove what has felt like "the internet" with lag.  There is almost no latency for loading stuff like JS, even on TechCrunch and Facebook, which have been two terribly slow-loading sites because of the enormous amounts of JS they have.

However, the only real "lag" I see now is the website's actual lag.  It used to feel like two things were happening, with regards to things like TechCrunch and Facebook: you would sit and wait for the regular content to load, and then you would wait on "dependencies" to load.  These were things that had to be rendered dynamically, for whatever reason.  Now you just see things load, with little regard to how much JS overhead there is, if that makes any sense at all.

In a nutshell: Chrome is cool.  It's fast, it's clean, it's lightweight, and there are a few quirks with it, but I think it's a great start to continuing to give the world a "push" towards web application development.  I think we're sort of seeing the web respond more and more like the desktop, especially with these speed improvements.  Give me Firebug in Chrome and I'll make it my primary browser.